shanghai Maud Group

August 21, 2009 company meeting scene


To improve work efficiency of company, according to process rational and efficient organization of production, the multi-party research, on July 21, 2009 the company held middle-management staff meetings, decided to cancel the workshop system, according to the production process requirements related to the relative concentration of machine tools, the division of labor to organize production segment.
After a month of careful organization and arrangements, eight workshop sections has been produced by forming, Specific divided into: P car segment, drilling clamp segment, grinding steps, boring and milling paragraph, insert hobbing segment plane insert section, welding and assembly segment. The construction section has made it clear responsibilities and began to operate normally.
On August 20, 2009, President Mr. Sun hosted by all the workshop section length, the production department personnel and operations department, purchasing department, Quality Control Department, attended the production meeting. At the meeting, Mr. Sun fully affirmed the production department the past month, the change in the system for the workshop production of the work of the division of labor segment, length of each workshop section to show the work of the initiative, enthusiasm and gave praise. Meanwhile, Mr. Sun proposed requirements to the production department and the workshop section: First, scientific organizations, rational management, and continuously improve the production department, the workshop section of the organization and management level; The second is to ensure quality, optimizing processes, improve work efficiency, mobilization of all employees of the initiative and enthusiasm; Third, tight production tasks in the company's current circumstances, To fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff and the use of social resources, think the company would like, worry about the company anxious, Fully aware of the contract for delivery to the customer the urgency and importance of the difficulties.