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Traffic departments agree with the Hunan Road brow

----the park practice science concept of development, enterprises benefit from the down to earth  
On 4th May, Nanhui police branch agree with the application of established the brow at the west cross between Taoqiao Road and Hunan Road in Nanhui industry park, this is a great news for Maud Group, even for the hole commercial park of nanhui industry.
It was very difficult to set up approval, because the factors to be considered was so complex, the design with relation to the safe and expedition about the road. So the plan can’t be through for a long time about our set second project with commercial park. During the time study and practice science concept of development, when Tang genfu sectary , chen Xinhua and qian yulin assistant manger know the conditions, they persisted the principle “Think as a enterprise , do what they need”, they check, analysis the conditions more than one time, and go together with Zone, Municipal Public Security Bureau traffic branch security police station and the department actively , do them best for it. Seek the facture conditions touch with many companies , study the traffic environment, confirm the application methods.. They use what they could, and practice science concept of development in themsef work, use the new idea, trade the thing in different way in different place and different time. That is why the application could be passed. So it could greatly promote the economic development of the industry park.
It could improve the traffic function and road net of the modern commercial of industry park, and greatly increases the land use and exploit value of the area, and upgrade the traffic, product and life environment. And from now on ,the car from our group could in and out the right along Huinan road.
Our president excited announce the good news in meeting:we have great confidence in developing the enterprise , because the management committee do what they said, and have a result as what they do. We have no reason to do seriously. The brow was opened but we charged nothing, it’s shown the ability of the management committee of the park, shown the good faith of the assurance in attract investment. And the management committee is a good service unit for our companies in the industry park.