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Maud briefing

       Chunyiangran, Wanziqianhong. Bathed in bright spring, full of hope for the future, we ProMOS's "ProMOS briefing" was born! "ProMOS briefing" enterprise culture is an integral part of enterprise information access is an important window, the staff is common to participate in the building of enterprise culture platform. "ProMOS briefing" with information mainly focused on enterprises in the construction of the two civilizations in the course of the hot issues, science and technology research and development dynamic, team building and the building of the contingent of staff and Xinrenxinshi and so dynamic. Reqingouge employees based on status, contribution to the struggle for the noble sentiments; positive impressions rely on scientific and technological progress in an effective technological innovation, reform of the outstanding results. "Xiao-He was Lu pointed angle." "ProMOS briefing" the birth of like a spring bud, she had the overwhelming needs of the care staff can be blooming beautiful. We sincerely hope that the majority of employees Contributor enthusiastic, positive reflection in the house and around the typical examples, is time-sensitive and has a typical sense of the articles, the Office of Referees will be issued. "Chi-Mao Sheng Ye, Houdezaiwu." We would like to "ProMOS briefing," accompanied by the growth of ProMOS enterprise development and increasingly shows its proper role and truly become friends loved by the broad masses of employees.