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The sword sharp by painful grind, one masterful is by learning

------exclusive interview technical expert Zhou chunhe of Shanghai Maud Group
Even though understanding something about he, but I feel it’s very necessary to have a chance for a face-to-face exchanges with him, when I went to the office of the production of the Third Department, I only hoped that he could have a break to accept my interview.
I knocked the door, it is him, the man I will interviewed today, Zhou chunhe the Minister of equipment department and technical experts. He was working hard, saw it’s me, he laughed as usual, cordial and cheerful: "xiao Ai, I am sorry you had here twice." looked the tired of his face and eyes do not want to lay down his work, that I have been determined no matter how busy he was, I must be carried out in the end of an interview . I had a soft heart again: " Minister, had you had a stay up all night, what are you doing now? If we talk about something after you are not busy? "" Oh, I am re-designing the location of the equipments. Nothing, I will not let you go back empty-handed. but I really don’t know what to say, or, I will talk about my experience in the company! "
It was a Very brief interview, only half an hour, I did not fully understand him, but his eight years in the company, Cut to the device from the Minister of ordinary experience, not only surprised me, but also so moved and admiration me! There no words than " Blunt whetstone, plum no sweet without sweat." can expressed he. It seems to me that the course of his work is a determined process, a process honed, a co-growth and mature.
In 2001, he entered the company as an ordinary lathe worker, not with a very good academic background, there is no substantial accumulation of work, but with his own hard and a year's time he was the director of the workshop. It has been said that he is because of the rapid advancement opportunities and luck, but the facts tell us, if not his efforts to study hard, and do not know how desperately asked to master professional skills, if not his attitude in the face of the work of masters, problems tried every means to solve the difficulties, but only the pursuit of personal enjoyment, regardless of personal gain or loss, so-so half-hearted work, with the luck of this opportunity will never fall for no reason at all to him.
2003 is the most important year of development of our company. focus and management of our company moved from Wenzhou to Shanghai, production scale was rapid expansion , a large number of scarce talent. At this time, to many people, they could in shanghai, it’s means that the opportunity. and Shanghai's working environment, working conditions, career development are better than in Wenzhou. However, zhou chunhe chose to stay in Wenzhou, the final clean-up needs to stay in the job, he known the company well to the smooth transfer of the production process from top to bottom on the convergence of old and new tasks ,inherit the past and forge ahead into the future, we must do a good job it was docking in Wenzhou . In this way, he used everything for an enterprise development needs to adhere to the hearts of no complaints in the last group of posts in Wenzhou. From the production, shipment, disposal of equipment to move to the delivery of staff, all work is organized in complex with several other veteran employees under the arrangement, and not out of any security incidents. June 2004, he moved to Shanghai accompanied the last group of staff.
Opened his resume, we do not see how his brilliant, but subtle, in practice, due diligence can be seen everywhere in his heart, and strive to fruit, even a little, he will be treat seriously.  
One night in 2008, the lights tube suddenly burned of the Finance Department. He arrived on the scene in two minutes after he received the call, while the rapid fight with fire, and foud out the cause of the fire is a short circuit caused by lamp aging. Early the next morning, replaced
all of the new lamp of the Finance Department. 
The sword sharp by painful grind, one masterful is by learning, and Vice Minister of Sharpen and exploration in the pursuit of his growth in the road, in the embodiment of dedication and selflessness in the value of his life. He is not a theory expert, but the practice experts, in his small body, the actually number of potential energy, I do not know, but he looks far more than the actual face of the old left to feel I paid for his work efforts. It is no wonder that. even our general manager jokes said: "Our minister Zhou chunhe is too clever, day and night thinking, and his hair have become less and less!"
Yes, our Minister was too smart. He knew that Wise not miss the opportunity but rely on hard work, and he knew that the pursuit of the development of smart people who are not on empty pack but by down-to-earth, he knew that smart people are not sweeping on its own, but by a collective unity and cooperation, he knew that in order to create the value of your life, Smart people only use of their talents to work in practice will be devoted to the wisdom of the company. He quietly behind the scenes, he paid for the work of an enthusiasm, a cavity-to-business loyalty.  He more like a more vigorous grinding sword, a tree the more open the more fragrant plum, hidden behind the ordinary extraordinary unlimited! We look forward he create more miracle for our company; Similarly, we hoped that each employee will be able to look like the same sublimation as zhou chunhe Minister, to be the talent satisfy the need of the company, and show their cutting edge, to reveal its own fragrance!