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The meeting of

On 30th May 2009, the group convene the appraisal meeting invention famous persists in home and abroad, pre-assessment the feasibility about the project of valve, which is an important part of the five year development plan. The experts listened to the report of vice-president Yu changlin about ‘the feasibility study of the production of valve plane research’, and those persists studied the program on the development of the economy, efficiency, and to carry out the effect of each statement and put forward many constructive advice and opinions. The feasibility of the project fully affirmed on the basis of the experts, as well as scientific and technological content of products, equipment, greatly appreciates the nature of the group to persevere, take the’ science and strong prices’  the road the same rating given to a high degree of.
The project of valve production plane as the most important project of the five year development plan, Yu changlin specialized elite force to set up task force group, lasted four months, and had a great deal research and analysis about the current state of the development of valve industry, had to the project’s future prospects effectively and expand, and combined with the current economic environment and scientific research. The assessment achieved the desired result with the efforts of all the joint persists.  Based on the cause of the highly responsible, specialized group of the project will also organize a more relevant and technology assessment
After the meeting, General Manager SUN Mao-Teng spoke highly of the work of the joint experts for a conscientious and responsible attitude to the work  and with the spirit of high-performance dedicated, robust and pragmatic work style and high-level, high-level academics style; paid tribute to the painstaking efforts and wisdom to the experts for the production of valve plane project assessment of the feasibility study; expressed his thanks to the experts group  of always been concern, help and support to our group! At the same time, he said: Maud Group will conscientiously study, research, understand and digest the views of experts, so that the valve project of the group can be in terms of scale, quality, structure, efficiency, technology development.